• The only warning triangle on the market designed specifically for motorcyclists.

• Designed and manufactured in the UK, the revolutionary MotoBrite will keep motorcyclists seen and safe in the event of an unplanned stoppage.

• Where traditional reflective, lower quality warning triangles rely on external light sources to illuminate potential hazards, the BriteAngle MotoBrite with its high visibility LED lights will illuminate your motorcycle in all weather conditions any time of the day.


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Why the BriteAngle MotoBrite is Revolutionising Motorcycle Safety?

• Universal bracket attaches the MotoBrite to the back of any motorcycle.

• Flashing LED lights, highly visible up to 300m away day and night.

• Regulation sized number plate attaches to back of the case.

• Protective case and built-in switch means triangle is hidden and batteries inactive unless in use.

The BriteAngle MotoBrite will keep you seen and safe when you need it the most.

Be Seen

            Be Safe


Keep up to date with the Launch of the MOTOBRITE

Stopping Distances

Traditional reflective warning triangles are 100% dependent on exterior light sources to illuminate them to make them effective, however, if the oncoming light source is not directly on the triangle, it will not reflect. This is also the case during hours of daylight when reflective triangles often blend into the background.

The BriteAngle MotoBrite, with its high visibility, LED lights will always be seen, even during the day. The LED lights enable MotoBrite to be seen from up to 300 meters away so all approaching drivers will have a more advanced warning of your vehicle’s whereabouts.

As you will see in the table below, the MotoBrite’s high visibility LED lights significantly improves reaction time for oncoming traffic to act accordingly. Being visible from up to 300m away day and night therefore greatly increases the safety of motorists stopped on the roadside.

20mph/32kph 12 35m 23m before hazard 238m before
30mph/48kph 23m 35m 12m before hazard 227 before
40mph/64kph 36m 35m 1m past hazard 214m before
50mph/80kph 53m 35m 18m past hazard 197 before
60mph/96kph 73m 35m 38m past hazard 177m before
70mph/112kph 96m 35m 61m past hazard New York

Customer Review

“ Great design and really well built. works very well ”


Brett Groot

This is such an amazing road safety product that, for the first time as a bike rider, I feel confident I will be seen in the unfortunate event of breaking down next to the road.  A must for every motorcycle! ”


Herbert Morrick


Keep up to date with the Launch of the MOTOBRITE